Apple Dave's Distillery in Warwick, NJ

Apple Dave's Distillery in Warwick, NJ

Apple Dave's Orchard & Distillery 

Apple Dave's Orchard & Distillery is a farm located in Warwick, NY. Featuring wispy, large apple trees as well as stunning views of the Appalachian Trail - it's a place where many come to pick apples and enjoy the scenery. On a Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the beautiful foliage and were sipping Hot Toddy's and Apple Mules.

Their distillery is a new addition to the farm and offers an expansive selection of things to eat, local wines, craft beers and hand-crafted seasonal cocktails, made with ingredients from their own garden. A

short 50-minute drive from Ridgewood, NJ, makes this a great seasonal activity to enjoy nature. 

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