Let's Make Linguini with Clams & Shrimp

Let's Make Linguini with Clams & Shrimp

Linguini with

Clams & Shrimp



2 Dozen Clams

10 Shrimps (Sz.16-20)

Head of Garlic

 3 Shallots

1 Cup of Flat Parsley

6 Tbs Butter


3/4 Cup of White Wine

Clean 2 dozen Clams under running cold water (I like to scrub them with a brand-new sponge), then soak in cold salted water for 20 min. (I used 1 tablespoon of salt). Remove tails of 10 pre-cooked shrimps (size 16-20, don’t use the small ones). Chop 1 head of garlic and set aside. Slice 3 shallots and set aside. Chop 1 cup of flat parsley and set aside. Add 1 tbsp of garlic and 2 tbsp of parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper and smash with a fork. Spread the mix on freshly sliced baguette and set aside.

Melt 4 tbsp of quality butter in pan, add the rest of the minced garlic and sliced shallots. Add shrimps and a can of whole Smoked Ocean clams. (The smoked clams will give the entire dish a lightly smoky flavor - Yum- but don’t dump it, spoon it and leave some juice behind, as there could be sand and small shell pieces at the bottom of the can). Add 3/4 cup of white wine (I used St. Francis Chardonnay, a little bolder that my usual Riesling). Carefully add clams, salt, pepper, sprinkle with parsley and let simmer (!!) under cover for about 10-15 min. In the meantime, cook the pasta and bake the garlic bread at 350° for 8 min. Voilà! 🫠





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