Baked Apfelkrantz - Apple Wreath

Baked Apfelkrantz - Apple Wreath

Baked Apefelkrantz - Apple Wreath


Puff Pastry 

3 Apples

1 oz. Spiced Rum 

2 Pinches (A Knife Tips Worth) Allspice

1 Vanilla Bean

1 Egg

A Hefty Sprinkle of Sugar



Thaw one package of puff pastry for about 40 minutes. (I like to thaw it on my quick throwing tray.)
Cut each sheet in 3rds, then again in 3rds for a second time and again for a third time. You will end up with 18 strips per sheet.
Slice 3 apples about 1/2 inch thick and cut out the core.
Mix in a bowl 1oz of spiced rum, all spice and one fresh vanilla bean.
Bathe the apples in the mixture.
Wrap each apple slice with the puff pastry strips.
Brush in egg yolk, sprinkle sugar, allspice and cinnamon. (I also added red sugar in the end for color).
Bake at 400° for about 20 min and serve warm.
We enjoyed it with some homemade Glühwein.





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